Monday, 4 July 2016

Mrs Holder Row 16

My Mrs Holder Reproduction Quilt is progressing well.

Row 16 is on - it has 90 stretched hexagons using  8 different fabrics.

I have used a traditional Cook Island Postage Stamp technique
to keep my hexies in order. I chose the order, laid them 
out around the quilt to check that it would work and then 
threaded them onto a long piece of embroidery 
thread - all six strands.

Just  put a knot on the starting end of the thread so you can easily 
pull one hexie at a time of the other end as you need it.

I had fun raiding my stash of 1800s reproduction fabrics for this row.

Next comes a brown row - also more scrappy.

Back soon.


  1. Brilliant! Love your quilt!

  2. Thank you Paulette. I am really enjoying making it. I got the hexies for the next brown row prepared last night.

  3. All those hexies! Thanks for the tip how to keep them in order,

  4. Thanks Radka. It certainly makes it easier and I am less likely to put the wrong one on.