Tuesday, 12 April 2011

To and From the 1840s

Today I had my 'To and From the 1840s' group meeting and we talked about Album or Signature Quilts. This is the little signature quilt that I took for Show and Tell.

This quilt is just little 26" by 35" and it is signed by all the girls in last year's 1840s group.
These quilts were popular in the 1830s - 1840s and they weren't usually as small as mine.

Indelible pens had just come onto the market so everyone was excited about being
able to write on fabrics and not have the words wash away as soon as the quilt was washed. These quilts were often made to give to people who were moving away from their community.

The fabrics that I used are all 1800s Reproduction fabrics.

1800s Reds

I had better sign off as my Amish Group are about to arrive.
Maybe tomorrow I can show you some of the work we are doing in this group.


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