Saturday, 23 April 2011

Taupe Cushions

Today I gave one of my newphews and his new wife a set of taupe cushions to go on their new lounge suite.They got married a few months ago having returned from several years in London and are setting up their first home together - how exciting is that for them.

Their lounge suite is a medium taupe colour so as you can imagine that I had plenty of suitable fabric to make cushions for them. I raided my stash of woven taupes and made these five cushions.

The Collection

This is the first one I made - one piece of fabric with a large feature button pulling it in tightly. It is actually pulled in much tighter than it looks in the photo. This was Deb's favourite - she just loved the big button with its vintage painted look.

The next one was five strips of medium woven taupes pieced together with a plain back.

This one has a flap like an envelope - I made the flap and added it into the top seam. I have quilted the underneath fabric with serpentine stitch going across on the diagonal both ways. Serpentine is a wavy stitch on my Bernina that I use a lot a sit create the curves automatically and I am not a great machine quilter. I really prefer hand quilting.

The next one was just a stunning piece of fabric that I picked up at a Quilt Show in Japan - no I didn't have to stitch on all those little cross stitches - thankfully the fabric came like this.

The final cushion is one piece of fabric quilted in straight lines. I quilted across on the diagonal from corner to corner first and then filled that half of the cushion with parallel quilting lines about an inch apart. The other half I did a line from the centre of the first diagonal line out to the corner and then quilted each section in two different directions. This gave a nice texture to this cushion without distracting from the fabric.


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