Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Next Japanese Quilt Block

Well, the next Japanese Quilt block is stitched, but it is probably the last of the sewing for this week. This one is also from Susan Briscoe's book "125 Japanese Quilt Blocks".

This one uses a piece of silk in the centre that I collected in a Japanese recycled kimono 
shop in Tokyo. These pictorial pieces are used in the lining of men's kimono jackets.

Some of these kimono silks are very fine so I have ironed on a stabliliser - the lightest weight knit one that I could find as it doesn't change the feel of the silk - it is still soft and floppy but maintains its cut shape much better. And it hand appliques well.


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  1. Oh Robyn I'm so glad that you have started a blog, now I can tell you that my passion for Japanese Taupes is all your fault, but thank you so much. I look forward to following your blog and what you get up to.
    Good luck