Friday, 22 April 2011

Japanese Quilt Block

I have finished off the next applique block. It has embroidery  on top of the applique.

I did the embroidery with the some silk thread that I picked up in Japan.
It looked really nice in the hank, but was not that great to work with - it shredded quite quickly.
I think I will go back to the Japanese Cosmo threads which are cotton but do have a slight sheen. I love them.  They are easy to work with - come  on rolls of just two strands and are nice to stitch with.

The weather in Taupo imrpoved this afternoon and we went for a long walk down the Waikato River to the Huka Falls. This is such a picturesque walk, especially at this time of year when the Autumn colour is just starting.

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  1. Robyn you are really flying through those blocks, it's such a shame that something like the thread that sounded so promising turned out to be not very good at all. I have spent the day doing Sunbonnet Sue blocks and even plucked up the courage to cut into my taupes :O
    have a great break.