Friday, 15 April 2011

Taupe Pin Cushion

My week has been very busy, but I have still squeezed in a little bit of sewing time, 
so I almost have the next Japanese Quilt Block stitched. 
Then it will be time for some sashiko blocks to add to the applique ones I think.

On Thursday night I had Pin Cushion Club. 
Each month we get together to make a new pin cushion and learn a new technique.
This is the first in the series of ten that we are going to make.

Tumbling Leaves Pin Cushion

This little pin cushion is just 5" square and is made with my favourite Japanese woven taupes.
Taupes or taupe-ism as they often called by the Japanese manufacturers is a bit of a
misleading title as they can be any colour from cream through browns to black, not just taupe.

As well as taupes I just love doing hand applique like on this pin cushion and the chunky hand quilting is also fun. I used Cosmo embroidery threads.

These threads are just two strands which I just love as there is no separating them out 
and then losing the extra strands. I really enjoy sewing with them and the slight sheen 
that they have even tho' they are 100% cotton.

I had better leave you to it and finish stitching that Japanese Block so I can send
you a photo tomorrow.


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  1. Robyn that was the first project I made after buying the kit from you at CHCH last year, I still stroke the wonderful fabric and just love the balance of it all.
    I must try those Cosmo threads.