Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Another Japanese Quilt Block

I am pleased with the progress I am making on these blocks - sometime soon I am going to have to decide how I am going to put them together. The original idea was three long panels with applique blocks alternating with sashiko blocks. But as with most projects, those thoughts are changing. I am not so sure that I like the sashiko block so it might have to go and the basic revisted. Maybe the applique blocks will alternate with a pieced block form Susan Briscoe's
 book instead.

This block is all appliqued on at even intervals around the circle. In her Japanese Quilt Block book Susan Briscoe gives good instructions about how to get these petals evenly spaced. All you need is protractor and a compass - I haven't used these tools for many years, but now realise just how useful they are to get circles the right size and petals evenly spaced around a circle. I am sure I will use this technique again in the future - it does make placement easy.

I have my Japanese Group in at work today so I must take these blocks in with me.


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