Friday, 10 January 2014

Selvedge Coasters

You have seen the Red Zinger Selvedge Cushion that I made last year using 
1800s fabric selvedges. It is the classroom at the shop and is being 
used on the chairs when people need a bit more height. If you Google Red 
Zinger you will be able to download the pattern fro Red Zinger Quilt.

Well over the holidays I saw a photo of a set of Coasters made in a similar way.
So I just couldn't resist making a set for the classroom tables.

These are a Japanese Floral Taupe set. 

You start by cutting a selection of strips off your chosen fabric ranges - cut a 1" strip as that gives some of the colour to add more interest to your coaster.

Start with a 4" square of Fast 2 Fuse which is a a stiff product that is fusible on both sides.

From the bottom add your first selvedge and keep on adding more strips each time 
covering the top raw edge of the piece below. Stitch across the bottom of the 
new selvedge piece. Keep going until your Fast 2 Fuse square is covered.

Then I made a set out of 1800s fabrics - yes another 12! It is great to see the dates 
on these selvedges and the names of my favourite designers.

With the first set I didn't topstitch around the edge but I did with the 1800s set. 
It will be interesting to see how they last with the raw edges.

Apart from this I have been busy adding 1930s stars to my English paper Pieced Quilt.
I will do a Blog post soon when I have dealt with edges.
I have two more rows of stars to stitch on - they are all prepared ready to go.
Then it will be a matter of filling in the edges to make the quilt have straight sides.

I am loving getting back to English paper Piecing - it is just so relaxing, so easy to make accurate and so very portable which is great for holiday time.

Back soon.

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