Friday, 31 January 2014

Fussy Cut Friday Challenge

This is my first set of hexagons. I am using 1800s fabrics as I have a good collection 
and they work really well for this project as you can get stripes and interesting motifs. 

These are my first hexies - they are made from the same fabric but in two different colourways.
I am focussing on using stripes to start with as they are easiest to fussy cut.

It is good to use your clear template to cut out your fabric hexagons as you can 
see through it to where the actual finished hexagon will be. I like to isolate a 
section and then find corner points or central points or both on the fabric to help remember where the hexagon has been cut from. This important as you will need six
identical hexagons so they match up nicely when you stitch them together.

You can see that the side points are right on the edge of the blue line
and the top and bottom sides are parallel to the stripes on the fabric.

The difference between the top is only that I have turned them around 
when piecing them together.

Tip: don't make your centre hexagon dominate - you want the eye to go to 
your fussy cutting. So keep the centre fabric more blendy than contrasting.

Back soon with a post on construction.

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  1. Robyn, can you tell us a bit more about what to use in the centre hexagon? You say that the centre should not be too prominent, so should I use the same fabric as the other hexies? On some of my fabrics that would make it stripy which looks odd