Friday, 31 January 2014

Fussy Cutting Friday Challenge

Hi everyone - are you ready to join a Challenge?
If you get the weekly shop Newsflash you will know this is coming.
Some of my team at work already know about it - in fact one of them got 
me going on fussy cutting - thank you Cindy. I have been playing with hexies for 
years - in fact my first quilt was English Paper Pieced as was my last one 
and there have been many of them in between too.

Last night Tricia sorted her fabrics for the Challenge and at our Handmade group on 
Thursday asked for a demo. So excitement is already building - how cool is that.

So this is it - join me in making one (or more!) fussy cut English Paper Pieced unit 
each week for many months - I know vague but let's see how long we can go for!

It can be any shape, stars, diamonds, hexagons, lozenges, etc  but it does 
need to be fussy cut. Fussy cutting is looking carefully at the fabric and 
cutting repeat motifs from it. I will guide you through ideas for this.

I am going to start working with hexagons - 22mm ones, but may venture off into other 
shapes during the year. I see the possibility of a medallion quilt coming on at the
end of the year using a variety of shapes - maybe!!!

When measuring templates you do it by the length of the sides usually. 
We stock hexies from 12mm up to 26mm. I think the larger sizes allow for more 
experimenting with fabrics, but as I do more that may change as Cindy is 
doing tiny ones. We also have a range of other shapes available or coming.

Send a photo of your unit into Patchwork Passion's email address 
and I will add it to the Blog post each week and at the end of each month one 
photo randomly chosen will win it's owner some fabric suitable for fussy cutting. 
I will do my best to make it suitable for your look.

My next post will get your started and give you more info on how to go about it. 
So back again very soon..

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  1. Thank you Robyn for this great challenge. I have had learning how to English paper piece on my 'to do' list for some time. Now you have given me the motivation to make 2015 the year!