Monday, 27 January 2014

1930s Star Quilt Top Finished

I have finally finished my 1930s Star Quilt Top - it seems to have taken ages. 
But then again it actually 100% hand pieced, so what did I really expect.
This quilt is 44' by 59" so generous cot quilt that will transfer nicely onto a single bed.
We will have kitsets available very soon at the shop - the fabrics will vary from 
mine but will be 1930s Reproductions.

I have really enjoyed working with these Reproduction fabrics.
It has been such a change from the murkier 1800s Reproductions of my favourite taupes.

I had a few decisions to make once I had made all the stars and put them together.
My top and bottom edges looked like this:

And the sides looked like this:

I solved the top and bottom edge problem by adding in triangles in the gaps like this.

And then had to deal with the sides - a bit more of a challenge. 
But I ended up adding in half star units like this:

I  thought that I would trim these edges straight once I had completed the quilting.
I am going to quilt using a yellow embroidery thread with slightly chunkier than 
usual stitches outlining each star. I did this on a previous '30s quilt and 
really like it and have had really good feedback about so let's do it again.

Now this top is finished and new taupe fabric arrives from Japan tomorrow 
I will be starting a new project - yeah. How great is that feeling. 

But having said that I will be aiming to quilt the 1930s Stars for 30 minutes each day!
It does after all have to be finished. I promise to show you some photos to 
prove that this is happening!!!!!!

I will be back on Friday with a new idea and a bit of a weekly challenge for you.

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, I love it. Can't wait to see your challenge