Thursday, 3 May 2012

Shop Opening Cake

Today a customer came to group with this amazing cake and it was absolutely delicious.
She made it to celebrate the opening of the new shop.

She knows how much I like all things Japanese - in fact she came on one of my trips
to Japan, so she has the 'passion' too.

This is a zoom in on the decoration - sakura - a cherry blossom. You can tell it is cherry blossom because of the little nip out of the petal.

Don't you love the green icing and filling. It really was mouth watering.


  1. Yum! How lovely to celebrate with a delicious cake. Looks like banana - am I correct?

  2. What a special customer! What type of cake?

  3. Thanks for your comments - it was a green tea cake that had a very subtle flavour and a lovely texture. She made it with green tea powder.

  4. nice opinion.. thanks for posting.