Sunday, 20 May 2012

Jo Morton Quilt Top Finished

I had a busy day at the sewing machine yesterday and late today and have got my 
Jo Morton quilt top all in one piece. Each block has been surrounded by triangles like this.

In fact that is how it looks but not how it was done! It was done with alternating blocks 
that looked like this.

But that did take quite a bit of planning and double checking as I sewed them together 
to make sure that each colour was in the correct place to make the quilt centre look like this.

Then it was time for the borders. I wanted those blocks that were missing out on one  triangle surrounding it  to have them back so this is how I did it. I made the border units like this.

Once again a bit of planning regarding which colour went where.

And this is the finished quilt top. With pinned mitred corners! 
Just a bit of hand sewing to do there.

All it needs now is quilting and darkish binding. I am thinking a combination of hand and machine quilting - machine in the ditch of the blocks and hand where you can see it.


  1. It is just gorgeous Robyn I really love it, the colours are just divine.

  2. Just beautiful. How big is this quilt?

  3. It looks so lovely! The colours are beautiful. It's been so interesting seeing the pieces gradually coming together :-)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments. I am rather partial to these slightly murky 1800s Reproduction fabrics. This little quilt measures about 36" - the applique blocks are 6" finished which made them quite quick to make, but with some slightly fiddly pieces. I am thinking of turning it into a Block of the Month through the shop - probably going over 6 months. We have a Jo Morton Club running at the shop at the moment and the ladies are making good progress with their blocks too. It was going to be a five month Club but it going to keep going for another five months while we finish off and quilt our quilts.

  5. Robyn, i am wondering if that setting on the antique quilt in Barbara Brackman's blog would work with these blocks - or are they too heavy?

  6. Hi Alison - did you mean the Album Quilt that she put up on 24 May? IF so, I think could do a swag - just keep the scale in proportion to the blocks. Robyn

  7. Thanks Robyn - I was actually thinking of the hearts in each corner that form a little flower.

  8. Sorry Alison - yes I think they would work too - same thing applies - keep the pieces in proportion to the blocks and I think don't use too dominant a colour so they become more a feature than the actual blocks. I guess the best way is to make one and see how it looks. I usually need a visual to confirm what I think will work. Robyn