Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Finally More Jo Blocks

I just went searching my Blog posts for when I last finished a Jo Morton Block - oh dear, it 
was the end of March and it is now the middle of May!!!!

And I am paying for it! Over the last few nights I have been taking stock and have 
prepared the next four blocks that I thought I needed. But there were two whoopses in this process. Oh --------!

Anyhow this is one of the blocks that I got prepared and sewn and it is fine.

BUT when I got all the other blocks out to photograph them for you I discover that there 
were two problems.

One - I had lost  a block and I kinda knew this as I looked for it at group one 
day and couldn't find it, but hoped it would turn up. And it hasn't.  It was on the wall at work promoting the Jo Morton Group, but must have fallen off the wall and into the rubbish bin 
below and yes - it must have gone out into the wheelie bin.

So I have re-prepared this one.

Then I prepared this one only to find that I didn't like it and actually I had already done it!!

Oh well there is a message in all this raving - don't leave a project too long or you lose the plot!!

The plot is now restored so I had better get sewing - fast - before I lose it again!

These are the blocks so far. Three to go and then I can get them set. I have  a plan
 that is different from those in Jo's Book and I am looking forward to seeing how
it works. Watch this space!


  1. The blocks are just fabulous. Great to see them together. How awful loosing one and then to double up on one. Good luck for the last three Robyn

  2. I am watching.....and loving it!!

  3. Oh my goodness - you lost a block! Surely it can't be in the bin - I bet it turns up one day after you've finished!

  4. It went through my minde too that the block will turn up just when the quilt is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Really looking forward to seeing how this quilt ends up.