Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sashiko Table Runner

It has been good to finally have a weekend at home - life has just been a little too busy lately.

During the week I have been working on a new sashiko project. For those of you new
to my Blog - welcome. Sashiko is a traditional Japanese hand stitching that was 
originally worked in ecru thread on indigo fabric. Today it is worked in all sorts of colours.

This one is great because the design comes pre-printed on the fabric and washes away later.
It saves so much time and effort in marking on your design. The only problem is that you can only use the lines as a guide as the marked stitches are too big and the spaces between are too long. For example where they have printed 8 stitches I am getting 11. The idea is to get 
4 - 8 stitches per inch.

There are few rules to follow when stitching sashiko. Firstly no stitch should ever touch another stitch. Secondly the stitch should be a little bigger than the space between stitches. You can see on the pre-printed one above that the stitch and the space are about the same.

I am using a chocolate brown sashiko thread on the cream background. This is a long piece of fabric and I have almost done the hand stitching  Then I will add on a border of squares in chocolate coloured woven taupes to complete the table runner.


  1. I'm not surprised you have enjoyed a weekend at home stitching. I love the sashiko. Have a good week. I'm happy with what I have achieved this weekend. Bound lap quilt and the wall hanging "Orange Peel" from the book Remembering Adelia. Hanging sleeves and labels too although I haven't come up with a name for the Orange Peel yet.

  2. I love sashiko and would definitely love to give it a go sometime! I first saw it in the big Martha Stewart book of craft and was captivated, but as with most of her stuff you know it would be a lot more difficult to do than the brief instructions would lead you to believe!

  3. Thanks for those comment s- wow Elizabeth that was a big and productive sewing weekend. I think I feel some classes coming on for sashiko next term a the shop. Maybe one will work for you Jacqui. I am thinking a one hour quick tutorial and also maybe a larger project based class. What do you think?