Wednesday, 31 August 2011

1930s Feedsacks

Last weekend I went to the Vintage Textile Fair and bought these 1930s feedsack fabrics.

These cotton fabrics were used to package feed in for sale. 
Cotton had become cheaper with the introduction of synthetic fabrics and feed 
companies were competing for sales. 
The women at this time were using these cottons for quilts, clothing and all sorts of 
other household items, so the companies became competitive trying to produce lovely 
designs that the women might want so they would buy their particular brand of feed.

I am not sure what I might make with these but will enjoy having them.

The winner of last week's prize draw was arncar - can you email me on to let me know where to send your prize. 

There will be another prize this week.

Thanks, Robyn


  1. These are rather gorgeous. When someone told me there were feedsacks for sale I visualised hessian sacking, or calico with writing on it. Quite a novel marketing ploy for 1930's. !

  2. I love this clever marketing idea - these fabrics are really sweet, I'm sure you'll think of something lovely to make with them.