Thursday, 11 August 2011

New 1800s Project

The sewing is all done for the Hamilton Show so now I can start something else 
- isn't it a great feeling - that starting!

But do check out our stall at the Show for all the new sewing and the new look.
It is on at Claudelands from 8 - 11 September.

Now for the new project  - this is an 1800s design and is made from our range of 1800s Reproduction fabrics. This the first block of many.

I need to make four of this block and then four of another 15 designs,
but they are quick and fun to make. They are small - 6" finished.

Then there are some bigger blocks to intermingle with the smaller ones. 
When it is finished it will be a Block of the Month, so start finishing off a project 
or two so you are ready to join it in about 4 - 6 months.

And stay posted for more progress - I hope it will be daily for a week or so as I am down in Wellington looking after my lovely Mum-in-law who is in recovery mode at the moment.

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  1. Have a safe trip down the island - I think you will need your winter woollies for there too.