Saturday, 20 August 2011

Japanese Block Arrangement

Now that the sewing for the Hamilton Quilt and Craft Fair is pretty much done and I am back
 in my sewing room progress is being made on some outstanding projects that have been 
on hold for a month or two.

I have had my Japanese Blocks from Susan Briscoe's Book "125 Japanese Quilt Blocks" 
laid out on the floor and have finally decided on the layout for this quilt. 

The blocks need to go on point I think, but that will mean taking off the circle in the central 
block and turning it slightly so the scene sits up the right way.

Obviously I need one more block, but I actually think that I will make four more so I can create another row to make the quilt rectangular rather than square. I think this quilt will go on a wall and I prefer longer quilts for walls.

Now I need to go back to the book and the fabric and see what I am going to do in the alternating blocks. This is going to a bit limited by the fabrics that I have available. I want to continue using my Japanese silks and some of them I only have small pieces of. This is not going to be that helpful for pieced blocks. So watch this space to see what I come up with.

I will also be offering small prizes over the next few weeks to encourage all you guys that are following and commenting in person, but not online. So go ahead - it is easy to post a 
comment and you just might win a prize. 

 I will be making the prizes match the posts - so if you win by commenting on a Japanese
block you would get some pieces of Japanese silks or if you comment on the 1800s 
project some Reproduction fabrics and so on.
I have chosen some lucky numbers so try and be that one each week!!!!!

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