Friday, 5 August 2011

August Pin Cushion Club

Last week was Pin Cushion Club and the technique I wanted to teach this month was wool applique.  It has been a bit of fun, because you should have seen the first design I came up with - I think it has to be my worst ever. And the girls in the group agreed - they really wondered what had stuck them when I presented it at the end of last month's session - they burst into laughter and threatened not to come if that was what we were making - and rightly so!!!!!

But the poor little grotty pin cushion did manage to find one fan!


His name is Smudge and he is now confirmed as my biggest fan! Or is he just plain dumb! Anyhow he has a new toy to play with - everything has its purpose in life!

Anyhow this is the Pin Cushion that we made and I did learn a lot about working with
 wool in the process and I think this one is a success and the cat can't have it 
when he has ruined his one.

We ironed on a product that we call silk stabiliser because we first used it for backing
our kimono silks to give them more stability and because it comes from the supplier 
with just a code number! This stops the edges of the wool fraying or looking raggedy 
when you blanket stitch it on with raw edges.

I do like the little touch of Kaffe Fassett fabric in amongst the wools. 
Our wools are hand dyed by our local and in-house designer, Karen. She does do a
 stunning range of colours and is constantly designing new projects for us to use them in.

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  1. Oh darn it, why are you and your shop so far away??? I really want to join in on so many of your groups and the pin cushion one is just one of them.
    Love your second edition it's just lovely - well done.