Friday, 22 April 2016

Mrs Holder Chocolate Round

Another round goes on to Mrs Holder's Quilt.
I am away in Queenstown with friends but there is still a little time for stitching.

There are four of us here - two quilters and two at a photography conference.
So life is pretty perfect - while the guys attend workshops and photo shoots the 
girls explore, shop and stitch!

The chocolate row got finished last night while we waited for the guys to return
and take us out to dinner.

I love the way this chocolate fabric is working - it is pulling
the pink from the centre in nicely.

Next comes two rows of caramel.

And from now on the rows get scrappier.
Mrs Holder in 1800s must have been running out of fabrics
or she had a very clever plan in mind.

So now it was time to dive into the stash and find scraps of caramel
fabrics to add to my shop supplied kit.

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