Sunday, 17 April 2016

My Mrs Holder Quilt Continues

With two finished quilts in two weeks life is good, so I can get back 
to work on my Mrs Holder Quilt more often. 

This is the latest finished project which we will have in kitset form very soon.

And this is Mrs Holder with the next round on.
The blue is quite strong but what comes further out will balance.

And closer up.

This is the fabric that comes next and I think it will balance the blue too.

My Mrs Holder stretched hexie quilt can now make more progress 
as I now only have four projects on the go!

And they are quite varied - they are:
Mrs Holder's Quilt in 1800s fabrics
My new Moda Applique Quilt
My Breakfast Club quilt in Modern fabrics
And my 1800s School Girl Sampler Cross Stitch

 A nice balance I think with no time frames.
So I can now choose what I am in the mood for working on.

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