Sunday, 12 October 2014

Old French Toile Fabric

This was a bit of a find in an antique shop in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

As you can probably tell it has been remade into a small curtain as it is pleated at the top
with rings attached to the back.

He had two other pieces - one was once a bedspread I guess and the other was 
a pelmet cover I think. But this piece was enough for me.

He has dated it at late 1800s / early 1900s.

It so reminded me of our current French General fabrics that I just had to have it.

I feel a French General Group coming on for 2015.


  1. What a find. Look so authentic, perhaps because it is !!

  2. Thanks Cyndy - it is a beautiful piece and as you say a good find. I will show it to you when I get back. I may even show it to Kaari Meng who is the designer of French General if it seems appropriate at Houston Quilt Market. Robyn

  3. An exquisite piece of vintage toile - just waiting for your hands Robyn!
    I'm sure it's pieces like this that inspired Kaari's French General range - she will be thrilled to see it and hear your story!
    You are having fun!!

  4. Thanks Shane. It is a lovely piece and in pretty good condition. Maybe Kaari will be able to tell me more about it. Robyn