Saturday, 11 October 2014

1800s Sea Faring Village in Mystic

Today we traveled to Connecticut from Rhodes Island.
One stop was at a reconstructed sea port - right on Mystic River.
It included a fully restored whaling ship along with many other period ships.

Then there were all the local building needed to support a busy sea port of the 1800s. 
It was interesting to see everything presented in an authentic environment.

This is in the General Store and the fabric was mostly 1800s Reproductions.
Unfortunately not for sale as this one would have been good for "Patchwork of the Crosses"!!!! She told me that originally it would have been 9 cents per yard!

Then next door were ladies role playing in traditional clothing and regaling us with 
stories of their time. Both were knitting but one pulled a quilt out of the cupboard to share with me.

Not made in the 1800s but in the 1990s, but nevertheless seemed to be an 
appropriate quilt. The design was "Birds in the Air" and the fabrics seemed to include
Reproduction ones.

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