Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mary Koval's Antique Quilts Houston Quilt Market

While at Market I did a floor talk with Mary Koval. She collects and sells antique
quilts and had a collection on display in the Exhibition area.

She is standing in front of a quilt that her grandmother and mother made. She called in "Grandma Buddy Quilt" and they made it in 1940  while living in Kansas City, Missouri.
It was made for everyday use and was sent out to be quilted which cost US $7.50.

 I found this one (below) featuring toile really interesting. 
The toile is a 1790 copper flower print
She has called it "1840 Garden Applique".

As Mary description says " it is an interesting design with long stem flowers in the
 centre and falling leaves randomly placed," 

Look a the borders - Mary told us that it was reasonably common for a quilt to have 
a border "left off" like this. Yes it was planned. This quilt was designed for a specific 
bed in a specific room and the side with no border was obviously to go against 
the wall so didn't need a border as no-one would ever see it. And the quilt is 
directional so would not be able to be turned around. The quilter was not 
going to waste expensive fabric. 


This is part of another one (below) of her collection also featuring toile. 
She found this one in New England.

I have realise that I didn't take enough photos of her quilts so I will take more once 
Festival opens tomorrow, Back then, Robyn

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  1. There's something really lovely about those old quilts, isn't there? I just love the quilt she is standing in front of, and the 4patch & toile one looks very effective. Linda