Thursday, 9 October 2014

1700s Clothes Boston and Plymouth

This post is especially for my 1800s America fans.
But even then it is a step back in time to the early settlement of America 
in the 1600s and 1700s.

We have been in Boston and are now in Cape Cod. In both places we have 
seen young women dressed in period costume. I thought you might like to see 
these as they are the only textile related photos so far.

This young girl is dressed in period costume ready to guide a group along the 
Freedom Trail In Boston.

She is standing outside Faneuil Hall built in 1741. This is the "place where the 
Sons of Liberty proclaimed their dissent against Royal oppression"
ie; the British rulers of the time.

These young women are on the Mayflower in Plymouth and dressed in costume of the 
Pilgrims that sailed on this Ship from Plymouth in England in 1620. There were 120 people
on board and the journey took 66 days and none of them chose to return to the UK.
I am not surprised when I see how small the ship was inside.

They settled in this area having left England because of the red tape involved within the Church of England. They wanted to live and practise their religion without all the 
hierarchy of the church.

Back soon with any other textile related posts I can do.


  1. Great to "see" New England again. They do their history so well. Looks like fall and clear calm weather ! Nice to "see" you too Robyn. Had two very nice mornings at PP this week w Japanese group and Applique.

  2. New England is certainly very beautiful at this time of year and as you say Cyndy so steeped in history. I am pleased that I knew so much because of our 1800s Group preparation as I am sure I am getting more of the trip because of it. Sometimes I think these girls look so nice in their long dresses, but I do wonder how long we would last in them these days if that were a requirement!!!! Says me in my jeans! Robyn