Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fussy Cut Friday Challenge - Centres

I hope your first EPP (English Paper Pieced) section is made!!
This is the fabric that I have used next.


Tricia asked a good question in the comment box about the fabric for your centre 
piece of the hexagons. I thought this was a good discussion point for this week.

My theory is that the centre is not the focal point so it shouldn't be at all dominant.
I like the outside ring to be the feature especially when I have spent time 
planning and fussy cutting. Which centre of the above set would you choose?


So with this one I used a centre piece that blended well with the fabric that I have 
used in the ring. It hasn't come from the same fabric as the ring but is in 
the same colour range.

If you check back on my previous hexies I did the same thing.

However I do see a place for a plainer ring and a stunning centre - that sounds 
like a new tangent to go off on later!!!

I chose the first photo for the centre above even tho' it is a bit more dominant.

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