Friday, 7 February 2014

100 Modern Quilt Blocks

Today was the first day of "100 Modern Quilt Blocks" Class.
We had a great morning or should I say early morning - 9.00am start!
But we did start with coffee and croissants.

These are the first 10 blocks group members need to make before the next 
group meeting in March. We all have the same fabric starter pack and it will be
interesting to see how varied the blocks will be. 

A bit of 'fussy cutting" in block 2

 Blocks 3 and 4

This series is all based on crosses.

Blocks 7 and 8

A bit more "fussy cutting"with the butterfly.

All my blocks stored inside my book. I love the look of this.
It is a real conversation piece!
Maybe it will stay like this!

No probably not - I haven't see all my blocks laid out together yet
- it would be so good to put them all up[ on the design wall. 
But the thought of putting all 100 back in order in the book is real 'put-off'.

The only way I know that my colours are balanced is that I have used almost every 
last tiny piece of my original fat eighths.

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