Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sashiko and Chirimen Butterflies

Today was Sashiko Club day at the shop. This is an old project that I found
 and thought needed finishing!!!!!!!

It is a Sylvia Pippin design that is really quite dramatic. 
But is has been on the go for at least 3-4 years - I can't even remember exactly 
when I started this - it was just a long time ago!!!!

But I do still like it and I am going to finish it - very soon. It is just 24" by 22"
I got some more chirimen fabric while I was in Japan last year - that is the fabric
I used for the butterflies. It really is very bright for me but I think it works.



Little Chirimen Packs. 
Chirimen is  a woven fabric that has been made in Japan for hundreds of years.
 It has a special weave that gives it the wrinkled effect like a crepe..It was originally woven 
in silk for kimono but nowadays most of what we see is rayon or polyester.
 It is widely used for craft projects these days. 
You can see the weave in the close up photo below.

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