Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Pin Cushion

Tonight was Pin Cushion Club and this is the project that I designed for them.

They had the choice of three colours - light, medium or dark woven taupe fabrics.
I had made mine in the light version and they all chose either dark or medium. 
And they all looked so good.

We had fun experimenting with a variety of stitches to go up the seam
lines and one even added some daisies in the middle of her pieces.

They all looked so cool. I love taking this class as everyone goes home after a 
couple of hours with a pin cushion almost done. 

And one member always makes two so comes back with them for show and tell the next month. 

They are going to have a good collection of Pin Cushions scattered around their house 
 or sewing room or a lovely set of gifts to give away to sewing friends this Christmas.

I have kitsets for all the Pin Cushions in the series available and also offer them in a
Block of the Month format, so you can do them too.

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