Friday, 17 June 2011

Gee's Bend Quilting

Today I have been at the Quilt Group that I belong to. It has been a great opportunity
to sit and quilt and chatter. I took along my Gee's Bend quilt and started the quilting having decided what I was going to do last night.

I decided to go ahead with chunky quilting stitches in embroidery thread. and just went 
roughly down the middle if each piece. I chose Cosmo Threads from Japan as I 
really like working with these. They come on a spool and are two strands, 
which makes them so much easier to keep tidy. And they have a subtle sheen 
on them even though they are 100% cotton. And the colours are lovely greyed tonings.

Hopefully I will finish the quilting tonight and put the binding on tomorrow ready to take to 
our Art Group Meeting on Monday.


  1. Robyn i have enjoyed reading all your posts. You have such a wide range of things on the go - you are very inspirational.

    The stitching on this square really brings it to life. Have not used Cosmos threads yet but they do look lovely and shiny for cotton.

  2. Hi Robyn, a good idea with the Cosmos threads, I must give you a call sometime and order some.
    keep warm and dry up there in the North