Thursday, 16 June 2011

Amish Roman Stripes

This week I have had my Amish Groups in and we were talking about Roman Stripes quilts. 
This is one the that I made way back in the late 1980s - my first Amish phase! So I took it in for Show and Tell.

This is a small quilt - 25" by 29" which of course is not the size that the Amish would have made - they would have been making full size bed quilts. Otherwise it pretty much follows the Amish traditions for this quilt design - black triangles set with equal width stripes, narrow border followed by wide border.

Please post some comments to let me know that you are there and watching - there is nothing like a comment - even a "Hi Robyn" - to keep a blogger posting!


  1. Hi Robyn!!!
    Sorry sweetie, I've been a bit off colour for a couple of days and haven't been doing the blogging thing. I really like the mini Amish quilt (actually anything Amish), and the Gees Bend quilt would have really put me out of my comfort zone.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Robyn, I automatically have all your blog posts come over to my blog. - I really am interested and enjoy the japanese fabric creations you do.