Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sophie's Garden

Oh dear I have been so hopeless lately and haven't posted for 5 weeks!!! 
Sorry about that. But I am back in the loop now.

My Sophie's Garden Quilt top is now finished and on the market as a 
Block of the Month.
So here are some more blocks.

Block 12

Block 13

Block 14 - I am not happy with this one so that strong green may be taken out, 
moved to the bottom and made in a softer colour.

Yes the strong green has gone. This block was supposed to have the half square
triangle units all around it, but I think that is too much as they are also in the 
next door block. But the green has gone to be replaced by blue and it has 
moved to the bottom. I am much happier now.

Block 15

I have so much more to share from over the last five that I will be back tomorrow if everything goes according to plan!

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