Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Weekend of Sewing Boro and POTC

The group I belong to had a Retreat last weekend and it was wonderful - three days
of sewing with all meals provided in a stunning venue with a great 
group of talented quilters.

We arrived at about 2.00pm Friday afternoon and packed up to come
home at 3.00pm Monday. What a gem of a weekend - we all got so much sewing done.

I completed another Patchwork of the Crosses to add to my collection.

And this one is almost done - just the cream row to add.

Then I started on a Boro project - I wanted to make three 
90cm by 45cm wallhangings. But as usual with a new project things
changed a little. It stayed as three pieces but the two on each side became narrower.

This is the first central panel - sorry about the pins - work in progress.
All these fabrics are old and recycled from Japan.

Most are indigo but the tan coloured fabrics have been dyed with persimmon
juice instead of indigo.

The pieces have been patched onto a background of old indigo - some are raw edge but others have the edge hems pressed under.

All have wild sashiko stitching securing them to the background and there is lots
and lots more sashiko stitching to come.

The piece above had a hole in so I put a piece of persimmon dyed fabric
behind it and accentuated it with stitching.

This was a piece that bought in Japan and it was already patched and stitched
and begging to be included in something 'new'.

More "Boro" posts to follow - see you soon.

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  1. Beautiful crosses Robyn!
    I love the sound of the "Boro" project - interesting fabrics.
    Love the tan one dyed with persimmon juice. I would have enjoyed that journal class too.
    More food for thought!

    I really enjoyed my afternoon and introduction to hand quilting - oh those wonderful fabrics!!