Sunday, 24 August 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Progress

This week I have added six blocks onto my quilt - I now have three rows made with 
seven blocks each and that is now the width I need to fit on our double bed.
It means I have a block hanging over  the edge which shows off the blocks nicely 
when you walk into the room.

Now I just need more rows - another three or four.
And she agrees - or maybe she doesn't with that look!

She certainly has an extra sense for cameras - so often she appears from nowhere
and gets in the way - just like this!!!

This is the latest block to be added to the collection.

Last week Cindy and I were down in Coromandel teaching - we had such a lovely time
with the Quilters and the Embroiderers groups.

Because we both had our Patchwork of the Crosses with us to work on in 
the evenings Jill, our host was soon converted too. These are her first blocks tacked 
up ready to whip stitch together. We had such fun one night playing with fabrics in 
her stash and our box of 1800s fabrics to create these.

Back soon with photos from my class in Coromandel.


  1. Your POTC quilt looks wonderful on your bed. Making it larger is a great idea even though you need so many more patches ! Judging by your cats far away dreamy look she really approves of your quilt and feels very relaxed there !
    Like the additional 4 blocks posted. The green, yellow oxide and blue colours in each of them show up so well. Another convert.

  2. Your POTC quilt looks amazing Robyn.
    Love the fabrics and colours.
    Your sweet moggy seems to give it the thumbs up too!