Saturday, 12 July 2014

POTC Row Three

I have now got row three on and am still loving this project.
I have had the partial quilt up on the bed and have decided that it needs to be 
seven blocks wide so it goes down the sides of the bed a little way.
It is now five blocks wide!

This is the latest block - only one this week as I am still working on the 
quilt that has a deadline. It is a wallhanging / banner size piece that will 
be part of our Auckland Quiltmakers Exhibition at Minerva Gallery in 
Wellington later in the year. It is in  my favourite woven taupe fabrics so
is quite a change from the 1800s  I am currently working in for my 
Patchwork of the Crosses.

These are Pauline's latest collection of blocks.
She is using a mixture of woven and printed Japanese taupe fabrics.
And I love them.

Back soon with this month's Modern Blocks - we had group meeting yesterday
and there were lots of stunning triangle based blocks made my group members.

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