Tuesday, 22 July 2014

New Grape POTC Block

I had a lovely long weekend in Wellington where I got my latest block surrounded 
by the cream fabric.

I love the centre piece of fabric and it worked so well.

And it is so good knowing that now every block is surrounded by the cream fabric 
as it gets made.

Now I am working on a row at a time - this is taking a bit more planning than just 
making blocks as the urge takes, but I guess fabric choices have to be based 
on something so why not what is needed in this current row.

Off now to plan some new combinations.


  1. The colours work so well in this block Robyn. And to get it surrounded in the cream fabric while you were away for the weekend was a true accomplishment. I have surrounded my first block with the cream fabric, actually more beige in my case ! and it took several hours.

  2. Another lovely block Robyn. I love the colour combination and the fussy cut centre.