Friday, 6 June 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Blocks - A Big Variety

This week has seen two more extreme blocks created or started. 
One that is rather dull and a centre that might just be to far "out there".

First the duller one - very brown. But I still like it.

I am trying to add the background fabric to my blocks as I go now, 
so I have a bit of catching up to do - three more blocks to surround.

But I am sure I will have to make a new one as well as I need to show 
you a new one each week! A good excuse for keeping up the variety of activity!!!!

I have eight joined up now. I will post  a photo as each row is added.

This the "too much wow" factor centre that may never get into the quilt - we will see.

Pauline has joined us in Patchwork of the Crosses and she has decided to use her 
favourite (and mine actually) Japanese taupe fabrics - aren't her blocks stunning.

 About a month ago we sent Sue a big bundle of fat eighths from our 1800s
range and she has produced these fabulous Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.
She is lucky enough to have been to Lucy Boston's house in the UK and actually
seen the original quilt.

Back tomorrow with a new finished quilt and a new started quilt.

These are both machine pieced. I always like to have a hand and a machine 
project on the go. 

Pity there isn't just one of each started!!
But really patchwork is an addiction and two just wouldn't seem right!
I do finish just about everything I start - some just take longer.
But it is all good and I am never ever bored, with nothing to do.


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  2. Thank you Robyn for sharing your blocks. I love the brown one and I look forward to seeing whether you finish the second block. Thank you also to Pauline and Sue for sharing their blocks. It is great to see other fabric/colour combinations