Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas 2011

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. This is a block from a Christmas quilt that 
I made many years ago - 1994 to be precis.

My Blog posts have been rather lacking over the last week or two - sorry.
Just before we closed for the Christmas break we launched our updated website - and 
that turned into a rather larger than expected mission as they crashed the old site 
in the process. So the pressure was on to get the new site up and running before 
Christmas instead of at my leisure!! But it is almost done, but no sewing got done for
days and days and days.

But now I am back into it but don't have a lot to show as I have been preparing my 
applique pieces for sewing onto the 1800s quilt border. Can you work out how this will go together?

And I have been keeping to my rule of quilting before any other project each day.
So my Amish quilt is nearly done - I have worked on stitching the borders tonight and it 
is going well - a nice flowing cable that is easy to stitch in one direction without having 
to keep on moving and reorganising the quilt.

I have drawn the design with my Clover white marking pen that irons away when I am done
with it - what a wonderful invention from Clover. This is the stencil that I used. I did have 
a bit of a debate about whether to use a design with curved lines when the rest of the quilt
 was quilted with straight lines. After checking some photos of old Amish quilts I 
decided this would be fine.

I did sew on the binding first so I could get the final cable design properly centred.

If I don't get back before New Year's Eve have a great one - welcome 2012 in style.


  1. Just love the Bears Paw Robyn, and the cable you have chosen for the out border too. Just a quick comment this time I'm off to see the new website.
    Have a great 2012 xx
    hugs - Miche'le

  2. Oh Robyn - no sewing for days and days! That must have been hard.

    If you sre stickng to your rule of quilting first each day, then what will your New Year's resolution be? Perhaps not to make New Year's resolutions!


  3. I haven't done much stitching in the last week, but, i think that will change today, it is wet, so, i reckon it is a perfect day for stitching