Sunday, 18 December 2011

1800s Blocks All Together

Well I met the deadline that I set myself last week and got all my 1800s blocks 
finished and sewn together - well just.

I was surprised how big it actually was - one row of blocks went over each edge 
when it was put on our double bed and it still has borders to go on.

And I do love these little blocks and all the colours and fabrics reproduced from the 1800s.

It really looks like a scrap quilt - it has so many different fabrics in it - we have cut 
63 different squares for the blocks!!!

Now it is onto the borders which have some more quite simple applique. 

But first I should spend a few nights quilting - I have my Amish Bear's Paw and 
my Japanese Quilt Block quilt awaiting lots more quilting stitches.

I think there is a rule coming on - that I have to quilt for at least 30 minutes 
before launching into more applique!!! I find this a good way to get way
to get quilting done when I would rather be doing applique.


  1. Wow Robyn! Lovely, will you be hand quilting this?

  2. Let me know if the rule works - I have the same problem!


  3. Thanks Leeanne - I think I will stitch in the ditch of the blocks by machine and then hand quilt the areas where you can actually see the stitches - this has become my favourite method. Basically I hate stitching in the ditch especially by hand - why put all that time in and work in and not see it!!

  4. Thanks Alison - the rule usually works but may not this week as I need to get some applique Freezer Papered and ready to take away on holiday. But I will take some hand quilting too. Robyn

  5. Robyn you have done an awesome job, the quilt looks just beautiful and you have every right to be happy with it. Congratulations and Merry Christmas xx

  6. Oh wow Robyn! It looks just perfect on the bed too.

  7. that is amazing. I have been following your progress. well done on meeting a deadline, i never do