Monday, 30 May 2011

Cranes (the Bird kind) in Old Indigo

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately as I have been working on things that we will be releasing at the Waikato Quilt and Craft Fair and I am not releasing any info on them
until the Show - I will post photos of them after Septemebr 10. Sorry about the long wait.

Plus I have been quilting my Amish Bear's Paw.

Tonight will try to get another of my Japanese Blocks stitched - it is all ready to go,
so I will have a photo for you soon.

Oh but wait -  I did put together another project that has been in the wings for ages - maybe nearly a year. I had all but two of the blocks done - I just added another stitched crane and the words. Now it too is ready for hand quilting - there is a bit of a back-log in the hand quilting stakes at the moment.

Some of the cranes are appliqued

and others are stitched.

In Japan the cranes - Tsuru in Japanese - is a symbol of longevity.

The fabrics are some old, some new, but have all been made in the old traditional way. I bought them in a super speciality shop in Kurashiki in Japan.
Shop beside the river in Kurashiki - the family probably live upstairs

Typical white washed house in the old area of Kurashiki
Bridge over the river in old, central town of Kurashiki