Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Passion For Taupe

I managed to get a full photo of my quilt "Passion For Taupe" while it was hanging at our Quilt Show over the weekend - it did involve twisting the quilt stands around so I could get far enough away from it - but at least I got a full photo - much better than the one I got on Saturday.

This quilt is made with a selection of the Japanese woven taupes that I love so much. And it is big - covers a double bed and well down over the sides. I used the biggest variety of taupes as I could - many pieces came from scrap bags that my friend Hitomi in Japan gave me. The outside squares are pieced but the little one in the middle of each block is appliqued on. The blocks are 10" finished.

This is a small version of the same pattern made in 1800s reproduction fabrics, the blocks are  half the size. I called this one "Worn and Loved" as many of the fabrics came from a range by the same name put out by Windham fabrics and these fabrics reminded me of the colours of the clothing that would have been worn by the women crossing across America to the West in the 1800s. This one I have  as a pattern or kitset at the shop.

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  1. Robyn that quilt is just super - real eye candy for a taupe lover like me, thank you for sharing.