Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Embroider and Embellish

Oh what fun we had at the shop yesterday - it was the first day of the Embroider and Embellish class and I was a student so spent the afternoon sitting and stitching - how cool was that.

Missy cat interfering with my photo taking - she has too much energy and mischief 
for this time of night, but it gets worse!

OK get her out of the way so I can take some photos for you.

We have all chosen a piece of fabric to embroider and embellish. Mine is a 50cm piece
across the width of the fabric - the Needs List said a fat quarter but no mine had to be bigger!!!!! I am planning on it being a table runner eventually.

The first step was to outline some flowers - you will be surprised by the colours I 
am using - ha ha ha!!!!

I know  - more taupe - but I really do just love it. Now for some close ups.

Outlining with Stem Stitch and then a Running Stitch inside using Cosmo Embroidery Threads.

Chain Stitch with Cosmo Marbled Thread - I must get some of this for the shop. 
This was a card someone gave me a while ago, but I love the way it stitched up.

Whipped Backstitch.  Alison gave us so many new ideas for stitching. 

I am already so enjoying my new project - like I needed another one, but hey I have 
two quilts nearly finished.


  1. I'm loving the idea of variegated Cosmo threads. I'll be in if you get them for the shop!

  2. Me again with a further comment - the new security features are obviouslythere to stop spammers but boy are those letters and numbers hard to read - especially as I always use the i-pad.