Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Another New Project

Oh dear another new project - just one of the pleasures of owning a Quilt Shop.

I have started working on another applique project - can you believe it! But I just had to.
My new group at work - the Jo Morton Club is starting soon, so I thought I had to be one
step ahead of my participants - how's that for an excuse. Altho' several people have already  picked up their books over Christmas, so I may actually be behind some of them!

Anyhow this is the first block and my favourite - well it is now - I did this one first because 
I loved it - there are lots more to come - well not that many - probably 12.

This is taken form Jo Morton's Book "Prairie Flowers Encore". All the blocks are 6" finished 
for this little quilt and they are 1800s Reproduction fabrics. Jo has presented five different settings for these quilt blocks. This is the setting I think I will do.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh Robyn - tempt me not! I am working on Coxcomb & Currants x 9 blocks so had better put the blinkers on! Looks pretty though.

  2. Who needs an excuse to start a new project?!!!! But, what about the Wedding Quilt. This new project looks great though. Happy stitching

  3. Very cute. It's so hard to stay focussed and not have too many projects on the go when little beauties like this one appear on the scene to tempt you.

  4. Wow you sure have a lot going on! But I can see why, so cute. I don't own a quilt shop, but work at one and that is hard enough!

  5. This little bird is adorable. I can see the attraction in making lots of blocks that aren't the same - maybe I should try it sometime!