Saturday, 17 March 2018

Kantha Quilts

This is the Kantha Shop that we visited - piles and piles and piles of Kantha Quilts.

Some were bright

and a close up.

Some were block print style in indigo and red.

Some were soft colours. These were quite special. 
One layer of cream cotton and one layer of cream gauze.
One stitch quilts -  appliqued only.

Two stitch Quilts - applique with stitching and some stitching 
on the bigger gauze areas.

Then three stitch quilts - applique and two sections of gauze stitching.
The colour areas are a tick thread and fly stitch giving the colour.
This one is coming home.

City stitcher tidying up a quilt ready for me to buy.

Most of the stitchers were in the owners home village way 
up near the Pakistan Border.

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  1. it is a wonder world where master hands work at their best !