Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Bees Wax Wraps

Over the summer holidays we made bees wax wraps. 
These are great for wrapping cheeses, etc when storing them in your fridge. 
Reduces the need for Glad Wrap.

Our friends have a bee hive and had harvested the wax from it.
Hence the fun day we had creating fabric covered in wax.

Ready to go - nice boiled and boiled wax to purify it and fabric ready to go.

But first lets get the fabric prepared - it had to be washed and 
then cut to the size we wanted.

I had chosen some of our 1930s Reproduction fabrics -  somehow seemed appropriate.

 Meanwhile Mark's role was to grate the wax ready for melting.

Wax suitably melt now in goes the fabric.

And out it comes covered with a fine layer of wax.

Hang to dry and iron to set nicely.

Now ready for cheeses or pot covers.

A pot of Deb's honey.
What a fun day.

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