Sunday, 23 July 2017

New Mini Quilt

Today was a whole day in the sewing room - yeah.

So time to start a new project - a series of mini quilts.
They will all be the same size so they can be interchangeable on
the wall.

There will be six of them.

The first one uses these 1800s fabrics.

First up I needed to make six tiny (5") basket blocks.

Then put them in the chosen setting.

I have ditch quilted in the ditch of all the blocks.
Now off to hand quilt.

This is the motif that I will hand quilt in the two squares
and I will use sections of the main block in the triangles.

Back soon.


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  2. This quilt is so cute. I love the fabric choices, and can't wait to see the others as they are made.

  3. Cute baskets! Can you please share the pattern you used. Thank you.

  4. Hi Caro. It will be one of a six part Block (Quilt) of the Month series that we will be releasing soon. You can sign by contacting the shop On

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