Saturday, 4 February 2017

Taupe Applique Project

This week saw number three block of my new taupe project get completed.
The combination of applique and a little simple stitchery is so much fun to do.

I used a combination of two gold strands and one cream strand 
of Cosmo Embroidery Thread for the French Knots around this flower.
The gold alone seemed to disappear and the cream alone
just popped right out at you. I think the combo has worked.

Simple Lazy Daisy stitches enhance the centre of this simple flower.
I Chain Stitched with just one strand for these two leaves.

A couple of pistils add a tiny touch of interest to the blue flowers
with Fly Stitch in one strand up these leaves.

I have been drawing on my lines for the embroidery with a Sewline Duo Marker.
One pen puts on a fine grey/brown line and the other (hence Duo) takes
it away when you are done. They work every time for me with nothing
to show at the end.

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