Sunday, 11 September 2016

While We Stitch by Norma Slabbert

I traveled to Hamilton on Sunday to view the stunning exhibition by 
Norma Slabbert that is on at Artspost Gallery in Victoria Street..

Norma has called her exhibition "While We Stitch".
It contains 13 quilts all in neutral colours. 
Norma sent me this photo of the pile of fabrics that she started with.

Now you an see one reason why I liked her quilts so much - all these
came from us (Patchwork Passion NZ).

The other reason I liked them so much was the message behind them all.
As she says in her introduction: While we stitch life goes on elsewhere - in
this case with Syrian Refugees.

Below are some of the details of her work, (published with her permission) 
but do make an effort to visit - it is certainly worthwhile.

While we stitch, people face barriers.

While we stitch,  people flee with bundles of belongings.

While we stitch, people flee their homes - trudging over deserts, highways, 
byways, fields and farmlands - to find closed borders.

While we stitch, people abandon heirlooms.

While we stitch, people criss-cross countries.

While we stitch, people search for shelter.

While we stitch, somebody says, "We just want to go home - to make our 
own coffee and bake our own bread."

Such beautiful quilts and such a heart wrenching tribute to
the refugee people trying to make a better life for their families.

Congratulations Norma.

Do visit - the quilts look so much better in real life and when you can 
see them all, not just a snapshot.

In the adjoining  room is another quilt exhibition by "8 Perspectives",
 so this makes the trip even more worthwhile.

The exhibition in on until 10 October 2016.

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