Friday, 19 August 2016

1800s Mini Quilt Display

This is a little display in my hall at home.
It has been in the planning stages since 2010.

The display was inspired by the cover of Kathleen Tracey's book.
I made several of the schoolgirl quilts from this book starting with the one on the cover.

The first little quilt was started in 2010 and the last was made a year or so ago.
Now they are all form being on display at the shop so I can
set up my dreamed of display.

There are eight quilts in the pile mostly based on quilts by American 
Schoolgirls in the 1800s.

This is an apprentice mini chest of drawers. Young cabinetmakers often made 
these chests to demonstrate the skills they had mastered.
I am not sure how old this one but I fell in love with it about 20 years ago 
and it just had to come home from the antique shop with me.

The machine has a similar history but I have probably owned it for longer.
It does a chain stitch.

The shoes are the newest addition to the collection. I found them in an Antique 
Mall just outside Houston just a couple of years ago.

Maybe this could all feature in our next window display so you can see it real life.

Back soon from our Katrina Hadjimichael Retreat that starts tomorrow.


  1. What a fabulous display Robyn

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