Monday, 1 December 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses

Oh yes I did get back from Houston!
I just don't know where the last month has gone.
It has been busy at work catching up with everything and planning how are 
we are going to sue all the project sand ides that i picked up in the USA.

And of course a few days after I got back we had Festival of Quilts -
 the big quilt show in Auckland each year.

But I have been busy stitching my POTC. It now has five full rows attached and 
these are the first three blocks for row six, which may be my last row.
Maybe because I need to look at it on the bed again once that row is one and 
see where it comes to and what it looks like.

There is a chance it will need the seventh row!.

I am finding it good to add the four red squares onto two of the sides before 
adding it on to the bigger piece of the quilt.

Back soon with more blocks and maybe even some new projects!

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